Alkhail provides transport services across the UAE and it is the most trusted transportation service of all. Alkhail never compromises on the quality of travel and the safety of passengers which is why people keep coming back. Our large fleet contains vans, buses, and pickups and has more than 500 vehicles to accommodate our valuable passengers.

Our Story

We started our journey with only the pick-and-drop service with our limited fleet within Dubai and didn’t have a wide range of vehicles. As time went by, our valuable passengers’ feedback encouraged us to expand it since they wanted to have a reliable experience with all kinds of road transport services. Gradually, we started expanding our fleet, offered a range of services, and added more skilled staff. Now we’ve reached a point where we are catering to an all-inclusive variety of travel needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach a point where passengers opt for our services considering us a family and we set ourselves as a benchmark in the travel industry of the UAE. 

Our Vision

Alkhail Transport looks forward to bringing innovation to the travelling sector within the UAE. This process would align with the needs and preferences of our valuable customers.