Car company logos are more than just symbols that identify a brand. They represent the history, values, and dreams of the automakers. Logos often have deep meaning and tell the one-of-a-kind stories of how the different car brands came to exist and evolved over time.

Car logos

Where Logos Come From and What They Mean

Nissan Logo

  • The Nissan logo shows a simplified image of the rising sun. This connects to Nissan’s roots in Japan, the land of the rising sun.
  • The name “Nissan” blends two Japanese words – “ni” meaning sun and “san” meaning birth. This calls out the company’s origin in Japan and hints at future growth.
  • The rising sun and the meaning of the name symbolize both Nissan’s heritage and its dreams for the future.

Tesla Logo

  • The Tesla logo uses a “T” shape that is styled to look like a cross-section cut through an electric motor. This logo design ties back to Tesla’s exclusive focus on electric vehicle technology and innovation.
  • The “T” logo signals that Tesla builds their identity around electric motors rather than internal combustion engines. This sets them apart from traditional automakers.

Toyota Logo


  • Toyota’s logo is made up of two overlapping ovals. These ovals create a shape similar to the letter “T” as well as the look of a steering wheel.
  • The overlapping ovals represent the close relationship Toyota wants to have with their customers. The steering wheel shape signifies Toyota’s deep connection to the automotive industry.

Mazda Logo

  • Mazda’s logo shows wings spreading outwards and upwards. This portrays the company’s desire for advancing, growing and working to improve itself.
  • The winged logo also stands for key elements of Mazda’s identity – pursuing quality, innovating technology and achieving precision in engineering.

Logos with Historical and Cultural Meaning

Porsche Logo

  • Porsche draws together multiple symbolic elements in their logo tied to the company’s founder and history. The main horse graphic hearkens back to their founder’s creative work during World War I.
  • The logo features a leaping horse surrounded by the antlers emblem of the old German province Wuerttemberg where Porsche has its roots. The horse calls out speed capability linking back to Porsche’s racing heritage.

Ferrari Logo

  • Ferrari’s prancing horse logo first came from the emblem used on planes flown by an Italian war hero and racing driver named Francesco Baracca during World War I.
  • Later the company founder chose the prancing horse as it symbolized key elements he wanted Ferrari to stand for – audacious ambition, competitive intensity and bold passion.

Lamborghini Logo

  • Lamborghini uses a raging bull image for their logo meant to convey feelings of power, ruggedness and stalwart dedication and determination.
  • The logo’s yellow and black color scheme signals excitement, energy and luxury aspirations. The defiant bull emblem captures the relentless spirit the brand wants to project.

Subaru Logo

  • Subaru’s corporate logo highlights a cluster of stars known as the Pleiades or “Subaru” in Japanese. This directly connects the brand’s identity to the stars.
  • The star cluster logo also hints at the merger between five companies that formed the foundations of Subaru. Each star can represent one of those five entities combined into one organization.

Regional and City Symbols

Alfa Romeo Logo

  • Alfa Romeo draws on symbols tied to the city of Milan, Italy in creating their logo. These elements communicate local passion and flair.
  • TheGraphics include a snake image called the “Biscione” and a red cross – both symbols strongly associated with regional Milan history and meanings.

Volvo Logo

  • Volvo’s logo features a circle with an arrow pointing up and to the right. This borrows from ancient alchemical symbols denoting iron.
  • Using the iron symbol calls out durability as a key strength Volvo wants to project. This ties to their reputation for safety focus and solid construction quality.

Abstract Ideas as Symbols

Mercedes-Benz Logo

  • Mercedes-Benz uses a three-pointed star as their logo. This star first appeared in 1909 and symbolizes supremacy in land, sea and air transportation.
  • The star reflects Mercedes’ ambition to be the best engine and vehicle provider across multiple transportation domains – cars, boats, planes etc.
  • It also hints at future plans to advance technology across these sectors and dominate through excellence in engineering.

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Summary About Car Logos and their Meanings with Hidden Messages!

Car company logos act as more than just recognizable badges – they communicate the personality and aspirations of automotive brands. Logos express key themes around origins, pride, innovation, strengths or future ambitions. The symbols condense stories and meanings into iconic visual imagery. Automakers imbue these graphical elements with the power to transport heritage, culture, technology achievements and dreams through time. Car lovers who take time to unpack the thinking behind logos gain deeper connections to beloved auto brands. Understanding the passion, visions and values encrypted within these emblems brings fuller appreciation of all that automakers seek to represent.