If you are looking for Custom Charter Transport Services in Dubai, we have several vehicles available as a rental option to you. So get Custom Charter Transport Services in Dubai with us at affordable rates.

Every time you plan a group travelling with your mates, you want it to be safe and reliable. You also want your bus to be neat and clean.

But is it possible to get a good and reputable company with a proven track record in Dubai? Yes, Alkhail is one of the leading transport solutions in Dubai and all across the UAE.

Why Us?

If you are planning a tour with friends or family, there are a few things that need to be handled properly. Otherwise, they may spoil your trip. Transportation is one of them. 

It is quite important to get a well-established and trusted commuting partner. You do not need to know about multiple companies.  Only one with a good history of work, a reliable lot of vehicles, and concerned customer support services is enough.

Fortunately, you have found the one. Alkhail is the ultimate option for your travel needs. We have helped several people, institutions, and industries by offering them tailored solutions. With 24/7 dedicated support, we aim to serve everyone.

A Quick Overview of Our Charter Transport

  • Our daily charter transport fulfils the requirements of our clients who want diverse schedules. These are also ideal for exploring multiple locations.
  • For people wanting a more flexible schedule, our charter transport for extended days is suitable. You can opt for this to enjoy your trips for many days without any interruption.
  • What if you want to commute between different cities or states? Dont worry, we also have an option for you. You can choose our buses and vans for commuting between different cities.
  • Not only this, but you can also use these vehicles for the exploration of different places like cultural centres, heritage sites or other landmarks.

Experience Our Extensive Fleet for Custom Charter Transport in Dubai and the UAE

Everyone wants to travel in a comfortable way. This is something no one wants to compromise on. They expect their rides to be as smooth as possible.

At Alkhail, we help secure your favourite conveyance with various facilities. We have helped our clients to redefine their journeys in an enjoyable way. So, if you want a luxurious ride with top-notch facilities, we are here to assist you. Do not wait too long, see our extensive lot of vans and buses and order your favourite one.

VehicleSeating CapacityFeatures
Hiace Mini Van15 SeatsPerfect for intimate groups, family outings
Coaster30 SeatsAmple space, ideal for medium-sized tourist groups
Rosa34 SeatsExtended comfort and more seating options
Luxury Bus (Small)35 SeatsEnhanced luxury features for a plush experience
Luxury Bus (Large)50 SeatsAccommodates larger groups without compromising comfort
AC Buses (Various sizes)60-84 SeatsCool and comfortable, perfect for the UAE’s warm climate
Non-AC Buses60-84 SeatsVentilated and spacious, ideal for cooler months

The Benefits of Choosing Alkhail

There are many benefits to choosing our great offerings:

  • You can choose the perfect bus or van of your choice. We have the option of both AC and non-AC buses.
  • Do not waste your money on low-quality and costly companies. Get what you deserve. Cut the cost by taking advantage of our daily and monthly rental packages.
  • No one can deny the importance of safe travelling. We have ensured it with our professional and experienced drivers.  With us, you can stay relaxed thinking your journey is now in safe hands.
  • Our buses, vans, and pickups are not for personal use only. You can also get them for corporate events, conferences, and other business-related meetings. 
  • Additionally, if you have any kind of question in mind, our devoted customer support team is ready to serve. You can find the answers to your queries and get on-time assistance whenever you want. 

All-in-one Charter Transport Rental

We have a complete solution for all those looking for a great charter.

Hourly Charter

For people seeking an option for a short duration, we have something for you. Our hourly charter is designed for you.  It is perfect for your daily schedule to explore various locations. With that, you do not need to get worried about paying the rent for the whole day. You can now enjoy your outings in a more organized way.

Daily Charter

Thinking about renting a bus for a day? Here it is. At Alkhail, you can have this option. This is exclusively designed for people searching for an adventurous trip for an entire day. 

Multi-Day Charter

Still, finding another option? We have something for you.

The rental for multiple days fulfils the requirements of those, who want to get an ideal bus for several days. It is now easy to enjoy your trips to the fullest by opting for this opportunity.

Multi-City Charter

If you are interested in visiting multiple cities, you can take advantage of our multi-city charter. Forget about the trouble of renting an expensive bus rental in Dubai. Get the most out of your trips with our flawless and cost-effective rides.

Specialized Route Charter

Besides all our wonderful options, we have another one for people who want to explore various sites with tailored routes. Believe it or not, we have got it covered for you. 

What Does Alkhail Offer?

  • Multiple options of AC buses and vans, which are ideal for summer. An extensive range of non-AC options for winter. 
  • A tailored solution to meet the specific requirements of our clients.
  • A group of professional and experienced drivers ready to serve you.
  • The flexibility of choosing the services of your choice as we have adopted a comprehensive approach to fulfilling the requirements of every traveller’s needs.
  • The facility to explore as many options as you can with our hourly, daily, and inter-city charter rental.

Custom Charter Transport Terms & Conditions

Visit our terms & conditions page to read all the details before hiring our custom charter transport services. We update our policies and services from time to time to keep you informed of all the recent changes. 

Custom Charter Transport Pricing

If you are interested in hiring our custom charter transport services, visit our rental pricing page to get more information and select the package of your choice.

You may feel free to Contact us if you want to inquire more about custom charter transport services.