66 seater bus for rent in Dubai

66 Seater Bus Non AC

  • 64-66 Seater
  • 2 Door
  • Petrol Engine
Experience the coziness and utmost comfort with our 66 seater non-AC bus for rent in Dubai. Please your senses by visiting all the heavenly and magical sites within the vastness of Dubai and the UAE.
Monthly 4,000 AED - 10,500 AED


    Non AC Buses
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    66 seater non AC bus for rent in Dubai

    Get The Warmth And Ease Of Travelling With Non AC Buses In Dubai

    Get the most unmatched service with our 66 Seater Non AC bus for rent in Dubai. We offer you a huge space and all the facilities within this affordable option. The wonderful features and facilities set our non AC fleet apart from other services of the same sort.

    Soothe your senses with all that the beauty that Dubai has to present you and make this journey unique and unforgettable with our top-notch transportation service. We will take you safely and with great care.
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    66 seater bus for rent in UAE

    66 Seater Non AC Bus Specifications & Rent

    Max & Min Capacity64-66 Seats
    Luggage Capacity43-45 Normal bags
    Type of InsuranceFull & Comprehensive Insurance
    Fuel TypePetrol
    Monthly Rent10,500 AED With Driver and Fuel (Saliks are not Included)
    7,000 AED With Driver but Without Fuel (Saliks are not Included)
    4,000 AED Without Driver and Fuel (Saliks, Permits, and Fines are not Included)

    66 Seater non AC Bus pricing with Terms & Conditions

    Price Breakdowns, Taxes, and Warranty Coverage

    • We offer the best we can with a 66 seater non-AC bus rental with driver and fuel for both daily and monthly options. Avail an excellent transport opportunity with our Daily Another State Rental (monthly package) with up to 10 hours of driving per day over 26 days. Benefit from competitive rates, capped at AED 10,500 monthly, including a generous 5000-kilometre allowance and an additional mileage rate of 2.10 AED per kilometre. Please note, Salik/Toll charges are not included.
    • Monthly travels will go as you desire only with our 66 seater non-AC bus rental and a trained driver. This high-quality service includes 65 ideal seats and a maximum of 10 hours per trip. Our competitive monthly rate of AED 7,000 covers your travel needs, and you have the flexibility to extend your journey with an extra hour for AED 20. Please note, Salik/Toll charges are not included in the package.
    • Travel at the most reasonable cost with 66 seater non-AC bus rental. Perfectly suitable for monthly travels, this package (without a driver and fuel) offers 66 seats, with 65 ideal seats for added comfort. Enjoy up to 6000 kilometres of travel at an attractive rate of AED 4,000. Please note that the package does not include a driver or fuel. Additionally, Salik/Toll charges are not covered in this offer.
    • To access pricing details for one-way transfers, two-way transfers, and airport transfers, kindly refer to our dedicated pricing page.
    • Please note that all prices are exclusive of 5% VAT. For a more comprehensive understanding, kindly review our Terms & Policy.

    Rental Options

    Vans, buses, and pickups are available as rental options. We have everything to fulfill your passenger transport needs.

    Mode Of Hiring

    We provide rental vehicles with driver and fuel, with driver but without fuel, and without driver and fuel.

    Leasing Time

    Our vans, buses and pickups are available with single-day, monthly, and annual rental options.

    66 seater non ac bus rental in Dubai

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it's designed for both short and long trips.

    Yes, you can rent the bus for interstate travelling on a daily basis.

    Yes, you'll have to arrange one if you choose such package.

    Yes, you can extend the limit with an additional fee of AED 20 per hour.

    No, toll fees (Salik/Toll) are not included in rates we have mentioned.

    The monthly rental offers a mileage allowance of 6000 kilometers.

    The minimum monthly rental for the bus is AED 4,000.

    You can contact us through the sources we have provided including phone number and email.


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