If you are looking for Government and Civic Transport Services in Dubai, we have a large fleet of vehicles available as a rental option to you. So get Government and Civic Transport Services in Dubai with us at affordable rates.

Government initiatives are the best for community development and bringing people together that have common interests. Our government and civic transport services are the best to take people to and from the events organized by the government. We proudly present our services because we have a large capacity in our vehicles to accommodate a lot of people.

We invite citizens to take an active part in these events to promote such initiatives. As for the transportation, we have taken responsibility for giving you a safe and comfortable journey.

Why Are Government and Civic Transport Services Significant?

Transportation plays a very crucial role in the improvement of the communities both on local and national levels. There are so many government initiatives that involve careful use of resources to carry out the process of change and development. In such a situation, transport makes it possible to transfer people running NGOs, community members and all the stakeholders.

This way, our government and civic transport in Dubai encourage all the citizens to come together and work for their betterment. A lot of people may want to travel locally or within states to attend the meetings and join important discussions – we work both ways. Transport also enables agencies to join the community and they all work together for community planning and try to build consensus.

Our Fleet for Government and Civic Transport Services in Dubai

A nation’s progress largely involves mobility because bringing people together from every corner of the city or region is not possible without mobility. To make it efficient, there has to be an efficient transport service – just like Alkhail’s government and civic transport services in Dubai. We proudly present our wide-ranging fleet that will interest you because we have so many features to offer along with its diversity.

We have AC and non-AC vehicles to provide you with the types of comfort you want. Moreover, to prepare you for a hectic day full of activity, we have comfortable interiors, spacious seats, and a restful environment. Also, our vehicles are able to accommodate every group size from to small to a large one.

VehicleSeating CapacityFeatures
Hiace Mini Van15 SeatsPerfect for intimate groups, family outings
Coaster30 SeatsAmple space, ideal for medium-sized tourist groups
Rosa34 SeatsExtended comfort and more seating options
Luxury Bus (Small)35 SeatsEnhanced luxury features for a plush experience
Luxury Bus (Large)50 SeatsAccommodates larger groups without compromising comfort
AC Buses (Various sizes)60-84 SeatsCool and comfortable, perfect for the UAE’s warm climate

Advantages of Choosing Alkhail Transport

You may want to have a lot of advantages in a single service you choose. That’s what Alkhail focuses on – bringing the best for you all in one ride.

  • Wide-ranging Fleet: Our wide-ranging fleet has buses, vans, and coasters that can accommodate any group size. Moreover, it is also for solo travellers who need to book first and then travel with us comfortably.
  • Comfort and Safety: Our vehicles are not only comfortable but are also exceptionally safe. We make them that way just to make your journey secure from any mishap and keep the environment fit for your health.
  • Customization: For public events, you want to have a travelling experience that is customized to your needs. We offer a number of packages that you can go over to get the most suitable one for your needs.
  • Community Development: Our transport services are the best to travel for gatherings regarding community development. Whether it’s a social event on a local or national level, you will feel refreshed and prepared to start an important event.
  • Stress-Free Travel: Our exceptional services make you have an unforgettable travelling experience that is stress-free and full of fun. Once we take responsibility for taking you to a very important public event, we put all the effort into giving you a hassle-free journey.

Public Services with Alkhail Transport

Alkhail Transport provides dedicated government and civic transport services in Dubai and the UAE. We provide the citizens with the logistics that can boost productivity by timely reaching social events and contributing to the development of your community.


Public events are organized for and by coordination among people who are actively participating in promoting the progress of the state. Providing them with smooth transportation and encouraging them to work even harder for the betterment of the state is something that we are known for. We support and promote all the public events organized by government authorities to make them connect effectively with the public.


Exhibitions are a great way to gather people and share their thoughts on a single platform that interests them. Such exhibitions tell you a lot about history, culture, art and craft, literature and a lot more. We offer great trips to the exhibitions, provide opportunities to connect with like-minded people and promote a constructive environment.


Our transport service is the best way to make your presence possible at the important conferences, seminars, and other programs that the government organises for its citizens. We safely take all the attendees to such significant and far-reaching programs.

Community Development

Governments always back community development through their impactful initiatives. Our government and civic transport services in Dubai and the UAE are well-crafted to help communities work more efficiently for the betterment of society. These efforts for community development are foundational to the prosperity and success of the nation that we effectively contribute to.

Why Are We Different?

We are distinctly different from other services because we continuously look for reasons to improve. In doing so, we create perfectly tailored solutions for your unique needs and demands. We pay careful attention to the positive and negative feedback and try to improve the areas that our clients hold slight reservations about.

Our government and civic transport services in Dubai are about supporting government initiatives that bring people together. This way, we pave the way for such public events encouraging more people to join, gain knowledge and share thoughts.

Moreover, we are known to be the most secure service because we care for our valuable clients. Our staff gives special attention to protecting you and your luggage throughout the journey. 

Prepare Yourself For An Outstanding Journey!

We guarantee an exceptional journey and unforgettable memories with our transportation services. Due to the unmatched services Alkhail provides, we are a valued and trusted transportation service in the whole of the UAE. You can join us to have an outstanding travel solution and build a long-term relationship with us. 

We offer short and long-distance travel along with plenty of options available for the type of packages. You can choose any cost-effective solution from our government and civic transport services in Dubai.

VIP and Luxury Transport Services Terms & Conditions

Those who want to hire our VIP and luxury transport services should visit the terms & conditions page and thoroughly read them. We reserve the right to change or remove portions of these terms as we update our policies from time to time.

By booking a service you agree to these Terms and the company will not be responsible and the process will not be undone if you fail to read or understand any point and realize it afterwards.

VIP and Luxury Transport Pricing

Visit our rental pricing page before booking any of our VIP and luxury transport services.

You may also visit the Contact Us page to contact our team. Our team will give you all the details about VIP and luxury transport services along with helping you with choosing packages and the booking process. You can also inquire about any information about services.