Alkhail Transport offers you a complete package for your transportation needs by providing its extensive range of fleet and reasonable transport rental rates. See the detailed pricing of our fleet below, along with their seating capacity and daily or monthly charges.

Please note the below prices can vary slightly based on their availability, additional features, and demand.

Our Pricing

Daily Same State Rent

Enjoy your trips within Dubai and other states with our daily package. Below are the vans and buses that are available for daily same-state rentals.

Type Of Bus Max SeatsRateMax HoursExtra Hour
Hiace 13 Seater13 AED 65010AED 50
Hiace Mini Van 15 Seater15 AED 65010AED 50
30 Seater Coaster Bus30 AED 75010AED 70
34 Seater Rosa Bus34AED 75010AED 70
35 Seater Luxury Bus (Small)35AED 85010AED 100
50 Seater Luxury Bus (Large)50 AED 1,00010AED 120

Daily Another State Rent

With our daily another state rental packages, now you can conveniently move to other states. Choose a bus or a van that suits your needs and enjoy a perfect ride.

Type Of Bus Max SeatsRateMax HoursExtra Hour
Hiace 13 Seater13 AED 70010AED 50
Hiace Mini Van 15 Seater15 AED 70010AED 50
30 Seater Coaster Bus30 AED 80010AED 70
34 Seater Rosa Bus34AED 80010AED 70
35 Seater Luxury Bus (Small)37AED 90010AED 100
50 Seater Luxury Bus (Large)50 AED 1,10010AED 120

Monthly Package 1

Daily Another State Rent (Bus With Driver With Fuel)

Now you can travel from one state to another with our monthly package that includes both a driver and fuel. Select the buses or vans of your choice and relax for a month. This package also contains both AC and non-AC buses. 

Type Of Bus Max SeatsRateMax Monthly
Additional Mileage
Rate Per KM
Max Daily
Not Included
Hiace 13 Seater13AED 8,50050001.7010 HrsSalik / Toll
Hiace Mini Van 15 Seater15AED 9,00050001.8010 HrsSalik / Toll
30 Seater Coaster Bus30AED 10,00050002.0010 HrsSalik / Toll
34 Seater Rosa Bus34AED 10,00050002.0010 HrsSalik / Toll
35 Seater Luxury Bus (Small)35AED 12,50050002.5010 HrsSalik / Toll
50 Seater Luxury Bus (Large) 50AED 18,00050003.6010 HrsSalik / Toll
60 Seater AC Bus60AED 11,50050002.3010 HrsSalik / Toll
66 Seater AC Bus66AED 11,50050002.3010 HrsSalik / Toll
80 Seater AC Bus80AED 11,50050002.3010 HrsSalik / Toll
84 Seater AC Bus84AED 11,50050002.3010 HrsSalik / Toll
66 Seater Bus non AC66AED 10,50050002.1010 HrsSalik / Toll
84 Seater Bus non AC84AED 10,50050002.1010 HrsSalik / Toll

Monthly Package 2

Bus With Driver But Without Fuel

For a more convenient option, we provide monthly rental packages for our fleet that include a driver. This package does not have the fuel included, and you can use your own based on the distance and requirements. 

Type Of Bus Max SeatsMax HoursRateExtra HourNot Included
Hiace 13 Seater1310AED 6,000 AED 15Salik / Toll
Hiace Mini Van 15 Seater1510AED 6,500 AED 15Salik / Toll
30 Seater Coaster Bus3010AED 7500 AED 20Salik / Toll
34 Seater Rosa Bus3410AED 7,500 AED 20Salik / Toll
35 Seater Luxury Bus (Small)3510AED 10,000 AED 50Salik / Toll
50 Seater Luxury Bus (Large) 5010AED 14,000 AED 70Salik / Toll
60 Seater AC Bus6010AED 8,500 AED 25Salik / Toll
66 Seater AC Bus6610AED 8,500 AED 25Salik / Toll
80 Seater AC Bus8010AED 8,500 AED 25Salik / Toll
84 Seater AC Bus8410AED 8,500 AED 25Salik / Toll
66 Seater Bus non AC6610AED 7,000 AED 20Salik / Toll
84 Seater Bus non AC8410AED 7,000 AED 20Salik / Toll

Monthly Package 3

Bus Without Driver Without Fuel

If you want to travel entirely on your own, then our monthly package without a driver and fuel is for you. Pick from a range of our AC and non-AC vehicles and get on the road with confidence. 

Type Of Bus Max SeatsMax MileageRateNot IncludedNot Included
Hiace 13 Seater136000 KMSAED 3,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
Hiace Mini Van 15 Seater156000 KMSAED 3,500Salik / TollPermits / Fines
30 Seater Coaster Bus306000 KMSAED 5,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
34 Seater Rosa Bus346000 KMSAED 5,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
35 Seater Luxury Bus (Small)356000 KMSAED 10,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
50 Seater Luxury Bus (Large)506000 KMSAED 15,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
60 Seater AC Bus606000 KMSAED 5,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
66 Seater AC Bus666000 KMSAED 5,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
80 Seater AC Bus806000 KMSAED 5,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
84 Seater AC Bus846000 KMSAED 5,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
60 Seater Bus Non AC606000 KMSAED 4,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
66 Seater Bus Non AC666000 KMSAED 4,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
80 Seater Bus Non AC806000 KMSAED 4,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines
84 Seater Bus Non AC846000 KMSAED 4,000Salik / TollPermits / Fines

Our Fleet of Vehicles

Alkhail has a large fleet of vehicles to fulfil the travel requirements of customers.

Why Choose Alkhail?

When you choose our services, you make sure that you are travelling in safe hands. Our large fleet, well-maintained vehicles, and competitive rates make us a leading transportation company in Dubai.

Alkhail fulfils the promise of providing extraordinary services. Our customers count on us and we deliver them what they expect. It is not an easy task to manage and maintain a large fleet of vehicles, but we have ensured that each vehicle provides you with the same comfort level as the others.

For us, the safety and satisfaction of our customers come first. With our exceptional services, you will get everything in a timely and stress-free manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a bus in Dubai?

The prices of our buses vary. To check the detailed pricing, see the above price section for each bus, van, and coaster.

Where can I see the fleet?

To see the entire fleet along with their specifications, visit our fleet page

How do I know which vehicle is suitable for me?

If you are unsure which vehicle is suitable for your trip, you can contact us. Our team will guide you thoroughly by asking all your requirements.

Can I choose a bus for daily commuting?

Yes, we also provide an option of daily commuting along with our monthly rental packages.

Do you have a refund policy?

Currently, we do not have a refund policy. However, we keep on updating our terms and conditions, so feel free to visit the page frequently.