If you are in need of chiller van rental services in Dubai, we offer a large fleet of chiller vans that can be opted as the best rental option for your perishable products. So, rent our chiller vans in Dubai at the most affordable rates you can ever get.

What Is a Chiller Van?

Chiller vans – may also be referred to as refrigerated vans – are vehicles that contain a temperature-control provision. They are facilitated with air conditions and are used to carry the products that need low temperatures to remain unspoiled. 

The chiller vans are mainly used for those who deal in selling products like healthcare, edible, biotech, cosmetic, and agricultural items. These products need to be transported from one point to another for the purpose of selling, processing or regular usage.

Alkhail have excelled in freight transfer alongside passenger transportation and we have been giving satisfactory services to our clients. Our chiller vans are known to have been providing clients with the best freight transport services in Dubai. 

Chiller Van Rental in Dubai

How Is a Chiller Van Significant in Dubai?

Dubai has a hot climate and the summer is the longest season in this place. This gives rise to the need for vehicles that are air-conditioned for the safe transport of products or substances that are likely to be spoiled in heat. In this situation, Alkhail chiller van rental services in Dubai hold significance.

We do not provide a refrigerated interior without caring for other features that you want from every high-quality service. We offer you daily and monthly packages that do not cause a financial burden. It is because they are affordable no matter how much they facilitate you. Also, we have an extensive fleet of the best quality vehicles that you can hire for self-drive or with a driver.

What Does Alkhail Have to Offer You?

Alkhail is not just the name of a company, it is a family for all the valuable clients who choose us. We respect the fact that they count on us and give us the opportunity to serve them.

If you are going to be part of our family, we will offer you a reliable service from start to finish. A reliable service includes safe and protected transport of your products along with a timely delivery. We also ensure that your products and their containers are intact and haven’t gone through physical damage.

Another important attribute that our chiller van rental services in Dubai are known for is “professionalism”. You will definitely notice it in every step of the transport process starting from booking till the delivery of products.

We offer four types of chiller vans to meet the various needs of our clients. 

  1. Chiller Van with Partition
  2. Freezer Van
  3. Zero-seater Van
  4. Refrigerated Van

Our Fleet

We offer a wide-ranging and high-quality fleet for delivering your goods from one place to another. By high quality, we do not only mean the number of vehicles or their outer appearance. We mean the functional quality of the vehicles which is the most significant one for assessing them.

Due to the regular maintenance of all of our vehicles, they are quite efficient and perform on every type of route. Over long distances, you will get the same quality service for your items along the way.

Our fleet includes:

How Does a Chiller Van Work?

Chiller van, as the name indicates, is used for the purpose of keeping food items chilled so that they can stay fresh for longer. Most chiller vans have the feature of a refrigerator and freezer. Luckily, Alkhail provides vans with both features to keep your frozen or other food items flavoursome.

Our advanced temperature control system ensures the temperature inside the van is compatible with the goods. This is to avoid spoiling their quality. The condenser and evaporator work together to keep the inner chambers of the van cool. It keeps the food and other products fresh for a longer time.

The Best Chiller Van Rental in Dubai

Looking for a chiller van rental in Dubai? Alkhail is here to accommodate all your needs for different cargo sizes. When you choose our services, we take the responsibility to keep your goods as new and fresh as we can. Our vehicles are well-equipped to perform this job in a suitable way.

There are many van rentals in Dubai, but not all are the same. They are either expensive or offer low-quality services. But what sets us apart are our trustworthy and high-quality features and services, which you will not find elsewhere. 

Our vans are:

  • Ideal for chilled and frozen goods
  • Follows strict delivery schedules
  • Offers the most reasonable pricing 
  • Provides tailored solutions
  • Equipped with the latest facilities
  • Have temperature control features
  • Well-maintained and monitored

Maintaining the quality of your products is our responsibility when you opt for our services. We keep them safe and cool by setting up the required temperature. We checked all of our vehicles before handing them over to you. Our true dedication to work and commitment to finding innovative technology to fulfil the requirements of our clients has added more value to our business. 

Why Choose Us

Known for quality and professionalism, Alkhail Trasport offers its clients a variety of transport options.  Experience the best chiller vans for different products and temperature ranges. Customize the temperature settings to keep different products fresh at suitable conditions. 

We are a customer-oriented company in Dubai and across the UAE that serves well with honesty. We ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients from different industries. 

We truly understand the inconvenience you can face while transporting your temperature-sensitive food items. We also know the solution and that is why we are here to offer you our vans to keep your products away from damage and harm.

Tips to Hire a Chiller Van

Before getting a vehicle for your goods, it is good to keep the following things in mind.

Know your requirements

You must know which type of van you need, what is your shipment weight and size, the distance of delivery, and the type of stuff you want to deliver. All this will help you choose a suitable van for the transportation of your goods. 

Choose a reliable van rental service

After figuring out your requirements, the next thing is to look for a reliable rental service that exactly meets your needs. Read the reviews of clients on their websites, assess the vehicles they offer and evaluate how convenient it is to contact them.

Look for the vehicle specifications

Now that you have chosen a service provider, see their fleet. Take a look at the specifications of the vehicles to determine if they match your requirements or not. 

Have a detailed look at their terms and conditions

Before contacting any rental service, it is a must to review their terms and conditions page. Take your time to thoroughly read all the terms because it will help you avoid any inconvenience in future.

Book ahead of time

Usually, it is recommended to book your vehicle in advance to avoid the problem of unavailability of a particular vehicle. Let’s suppose, you haven’t booked your vehicle and you have to deliver your products, what would you do? There is no option other than repenting over your oversight. You would never want to have such a situation which is why advance booking is direly needed.


When do I need a chiller van?

If your business involves transporting perishable commodities from one place to another, you will need a chiller van.

How much does it cost to rent a chiller van?

We offer several packages for our chiller van rental services in Dubai and the UAE. Visit our detailed pricing page or contact us to learn about the rental packages.

Is there any mileage restriction?

As we have several packages for our fleet, mileage restrictions may come with the package you choose. For this, you can contact our team to know about such specifications.

What safety checks are performed for your chiller vans?

We ensure the safety and maintenance of our chiller vans by performing regular checks to verify if they are ready to travel on the road and are in perfect condition.

Do you impose penalties in case of late return or damage to the vehicle?

Yes, you may face penalties in both cases, so it is advisable to carefully read our terms and conditions before renting our chiller vans.

Can I get a customized offer based on my specific requirements?

To get a customized quote, you need to contact us to tell us about your specific requirements for chiller van rentals.

Chiller Vans Terms & Conditions

Please review our terms & conditions page before booking your chiller vans to learn more about our policies.

Rent A Chiller Van With Us

If you want to rent a chiller van in Dubai, please visit our detailed rental pricing page for more information.

To learn more about our chiller van rental services in Dubai, feel free to Contact us.