If you are looking for double cabin pickup rental services in Dubai, we have a large fleet of double cabin pickups available as a rental option to you. So rent double cabin pickups in Dubai with us at affordable rates.

Looking for a suitable way to transport your heavy items, equipment, and other hefty objects? We can help you with all that. Alkhail Transport offers high-quality and cost-effective double cabin pickup rental services in Dubai for the transportation of your goods. 

We offer logistic support services for heavy objects, machinery, vehicles, and other stuff at reasonable rates.

We understand all the stress you face while shifting your household or office items, and all the challenges involved while transporting your heavy items. That is why we assure you of our support and help you find a suitable pickup truck for your next shifting project.

Double Cabin Pickup Rental Services in Dubai

Why choose our pickups?

You will find many companies in the market offering you different vehicles for goods transportation. But do you think these cars or small vans can accommodate your heavy machinery, apparatus, or other equipment? The answer is no.

Alkhail offers you pickup trucks with several tons of capacity for moving your home and office products. Need a bigger alternative? Our double cabin pickup rental services in Dubai offer you even more capacity for the shifting of your commodities. 

Complete solution

When someone searches for a transport solution, they expect a company to offer them an all-in-one platform. Fortunately, we are among those companies that understand how important it is to provide a complete transportation solution to its customers. 

We have a fleet of double-cabin pickup trucks. These pickups are ideal for the transportation of goods of various sizes and weights. Whether you want to move your household items or need to transfer heavy equipment to other states in the UAE, our pickup trucks will do that. These pickups make your entire shifting process hassle-free and quick.

Best value for money

When you opt for a transportation service, you always look for the one that offers you exactly what you have paid for. With Alkhail, it is not an exception now. We work hard to provide our customers with the services they expect. We exceed their expectations and offer them true value for their money.

Over the years, our clients have trusted us to offer impeccable vehicles. Now it is our duty to serve our customers with our improved services. 

100% customer satisfaction

Alkhail provides reliable and efficient double cabin pickup rental services in Dubai for its customers. We understand all the challenges that are associated with shifting your goods. We also know how hard it is to move these items safely.

That is why we have made this approach very easy for you. Just make a booking of our rental service, sit back, and see how efficiently we move your goods.

Our large fleet, ample space, competitive rates, and safe delivery are all our customers want. We offer them all in one place and help them transfer their goods securely. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with a stress-free approach. With our well-maintained fleet and reliable services, we have made it possible to safely transport your goods to far-off places.

Ample loading capacity

The loading capacity of pickup trucks is the first thing that a customer looks for along with the price. If a pickup truck fails to provide enough space for your stock or goods, it is of no use. Thanks to the diverse range of our pickup trucks. They offer ample space even for large or heavy items. Now you can select the truck of your required capacity and use it for shifting purposes.

From small regular-size trucks to large-size vehicles – we have a wide range of fleets. Not only this, but we also have professional drivers to help you shift your valuable items safely.

Double Cabin Pickup Terms & Conditions

Please review our terms & conditions page before booking your double cabin pickup to learn more about our policies.

Rent A Double Cabin Pickup With Us

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