If you are looking for mini bus rental services in Dubai, we have a large fleet of mini buses that is available to you as a rental option. So rent mini buses in Dubai with us at affordable rates.

Dubai offers you countless mini bus rental services but how would you choose the best one? You’ve landed where you have to for the best mini bus rental in Dubai because we are the leading company.

Yes, Alkhail has kept its tradition of bringing the best alive and is offering you another amazing transportation facility – mini bus rental in Dubai. The service is perfect for accommodating a group or family with about 12 to 30 seats.

The unique feature of our service is that of reasonable rates that no other transportation service will offer you. It’s quite difficult to manage affordable minibus rental services in Dubai when there is a lot of demand. However, we value our customers and never want to trouble them with high prices.

Rent Mini Bues in Dubai

Other features of our minibus rental in Dubai

Apart from being the most affordable service, our minibus rental services in Dubai and UAE are known for the following features.

Well-timed service

Leading services often don’t care about the fact that customers try to beat the clock. But they get the rides anyway so they don’t focus much on punctuality. Alkhail doesn’t lead this way – we offer well-timed minibus services across Dubai and the UAE.

Convenient transport

Our spacious minibuses offer a  convenient environment throughout the journey. You can enjoy the luxury of spacious seating and a lot of legroom. You won’t have to bend or sit awkwardly to fit in with others. Just take your seat, sit back, and leave the rest to us.

Trained drivers

Our trained drivers know how to give you the perfect travel experience with all the expertise they have. You will reach your destination on time and with no problem either with service or attitude of the drivers.

Safe & sound travels

Reaching on time with our mini bus rental services doesn’t mean an unsafe travel experience. We take care of our customers and know how to make sure that we opt for the shortest and the best routes. Our drivers know how to drive safely through the complicated routes within Dubai and the UAE.

We gear up and travel keeping in mind road safety measures. In case of any emergency, you can inform our staff who will listen to your problems and offer you the best solution.

Easy booking

Our booking system is user-friendly and never gets you into trouble if you have to change, inquire about, or cancel bookings. You just have to visit our booking page and contact us through the provided sources. Our booking staff will listen to your needs and demands and offer you a desired mini bus rental service.

What unique features does Alkhail offer?

Alkhail offers no ordinary services because it promises to provide everything in a unique way and keep quality high. For minibus rentals in Dubai too, we have the following extraordinary facilities to offer.

Hospitable staff

We feel proud to call Alkhail a leading transportation service just because of our diligent and hospitable staff. Customers’ feedback lets us know how much our staff do to make them feel satisfied. Starting from our booking team to the staff you travel with, we ensure that you don’t get uncomfortable for a moment. 

Well-equipped vehicles

A minibus cannot give you such a luxurious experience as Alkhail’s minibuses do.  We offer you a well-equipped environment with modern facilities that create a convenient atmosphere. We ensure an enjoyable and entertaining company throughout your journey.

Large fleet

We provide a large and diverse fleet of minibuses and we never run out of vehicles. This is the reason why our customers never complain about the unavailability of vehicles. Moreover, we never compromise on quality even if we have a large fleet of minibuses. Every minibus offers an equally enjoyable and safe journey. 

Reasonable rentals

Mini bus rentals are mostly available at high prices especially if the services are of high quality. Luckily, we do not believe in this strategy because we care for our customers more than anything else.

Across Dubai and the UAE, we offer the most reasonable rentals for minibuses that will give you equal comfort as expensive rental buses. Our minibuses have got all that you want during your journey but at the lowest possible price.

Mini Bus Rental Terms & Conditions

Please review our terms & conditions page before booking your mini bus to learn more about our policies.

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