If you are looking for school van rental services in Dubai, we have a large fleet of school vans available as a rental option to you. So rent school vans in Dubai with us at affordable rates.

Alkhail school van rental service in Dubai is one of the safest and most suitable methods for your kids’ daily pick-and-drops. It frees up your mind from the worry of providing routine transportation on your own.

Most of the time, parents are busy and cannot provide their kids with pick-and-drop services on time. In that case, it is ideal to hire a reliable rental for daily pickups. 

The safety of the kids is paramount to us. Our vehicles are well-equipped with all the safety features that are required for the protection of your children and to reduce the risk of harm.

School Van Rental in Dubai

When to Hire a School Van?

School vans are the ideal option for those parents who do not own a vehicle or are unavailable to provide pick-and-drop services to their kids. Here comes our school van rental services in Dubai – offering your kids a safe and reliable transportation service.

Even if you have time or you own a car, a van rental offers you a useful method of transportation. This becomes more important when you have many kids going to different schools or you want to utilize your maximum time in the morning.

Hiring a vehicle provides you with the freedom to not be bound by specific schedules or availability.

What Do We Offer?

If you are also looking for a perfect alternative for student transportation, you have come to the right place. We have a tailored solution for all your transportation needs.

Our vehicles are provided with all the modern facilities and safety features.  

Professional drivers

Our drivers are properly trained and licensed. At Alkhail we have made it possible to provide our vehicles with expert and professional drivers to ensure the security of road transits.

Our affordable packages and skilled drivers always get appreciation from the parents. That’s not all. Our drivers make sure all the kids are on time and are returning to their homes in a completely secure and safe manner.

Safe transfers

At the start of each day, our drivers and quality assurance team make sure that all the vehicles are functioning properly and are ready to go. Their seat belts are not broken or damaged and the armrests or seats are also in good working condition. 

On-time service

To maintain the standard of our services, we strictly adhere to our schedules. This planned timetable and our worthy services have ranked us among the top van rentals in Dubai.

Moreover, we also provide tailored solutions for school transfers. We understand that the requirements of every school are different. So we have made it possible for everyone to get a customized solution for their specific needs.

Enhanced comfort

For kids or adult students, longer journeys can be tiring and frustrating. That is why we have paid special attention to making our school vehicles comfortable. 

Comfy seats, temperature control features, and other amenities have made our vans super advanced. It offers a great experience for our students and makes their journeys less tiring. 

School Van Rentals in Dubai and UAE

Our clients often ask us whether we only offer services in Dubai or all across the UAE.

Well, our services are not limited to Dubai only. In response to the high demand of the public, we have also expanded our transport services to other states. 

We offer a range of vehicles – from small-size vans to large-size luxurious buses. We strive to make sure that our kids are travelling in a safe and comfortable way. From the maintenance of our fleet to providing reliable rental services,  we ensure that each step we take is flawless. 

School Van Rental Terms & Conditions

Please review our terms & conditions page before booking your school van to learn more about our policies.

Rent A School Van With Us

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