If you are looking for single-cabin pickup rental services in Dubai, we have a large fleet of single-cabin pickups available as a rental option. So rent single-cabin pickups in Dubai with us at affordable rates.

Apart from the outstanding passenger transport service, that we are known for, we have something else to offer you.

You can now choose a single cabin pickup rental in Dubai that Alkhail presents for proper and professional shifting of your luggage.

It’s important to hire such a service especially when you can’t carry a lot of items with you while travelling from one place to another. Carrying it with you can be more insecure and there are chances you may lose or forget some of the items.

Our high-quality service has so many features and facilities. Here you will also find out what other services we are providing within it.

Rent A Single Cabin Pickup In Dubai


The safety of your luggage is our top priority which is why we always try to put more effort into making it highly safe. Our established clients who have been hiring our passenger transport for years know that we always keep safety among our top priorities.

If you choose a single cabin pickup rental in Dubai, you will know how responsibly our drivers carry your luggage from one place to another. Along the way to the destination, all the items will be carefully looked after.


Alkhail’s single cabin pickup rental in Dubai is the most affordable as compared to other services within the city and the UAE.

The best thing about it is that we provide this service outside of Dubai as well. It makes us deliver your luggage over long distances but within the same affordable price range.

Moreover, you can travel with your luggage in the single cabin pickup that offers seating for one person other than the driver. Travelling with your items will not cost you much as we are providing the most reasonable service.

Satisfactory service

It’s so rare that a company with passenger and goods transport services work equally well in both departments. But, Alkhail never compromises on the quality of service and works equally well for both types of transports.

It’s our clients’ feedback that keeps us well aware of the fact that we are a trusted service in goods transport as well. 


You can choose our single cabin pickup rental in Dubai for the following services.


Our service is the best option to be chosen for your furniture shifting. It is because you may have a variety of items in your furniture and there can be fragile items. Such items must be handled with utmost care and that’s what our team of workers ensure while loading it into the pickup.

After loading, throughout the journey, your luggage will be protected by the safe driving of our professional drivers. Upon reaching the destination, the unloading will also be done professionally to keep all the items intact.


Household items can be more delicate and are broken easily. They may also include electronics and similar stuff that can be damaged if broken or chipped.

Our workforce ensures the safe loading and unloading of every single item. You may have packed your items in the packaging boxes and you can inform our workers if these boxes contain very delicate items.

Office shifting

The items used in your office may not only be important for you but most of them are usually expensive. This gives rise to an even bigger need to handle them properly. There are a lot of items that may become useless even if they are slightly cracked.

Therefore, we keep all these facts in mind while training our staff. We totally understand the need to protect your luggage and every item because you trust us.

We ensure a safe, secure, and professional transport of your goods from start to finish.

Single Cabin Pickup Rental Terms & Conditions

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Rent A Single Cabin Pickup With Us

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