If you are looking for Tourist Van Rental Services in Abu Dhabi, we have a large fleet of vehicles available as a rental option to you. So get Tourist Van Rental Services in Abu Dhabi with us at affordable rates.

Abu Dhabi is the beautiful capital of the UAE which is also the second most populous emirate. It has majestic landscapes and the finest restaurants besides a lot of things to spend a perfect weekend.

This lively and bustling city is a perfect place for tourists who want to explore natural beauty and culture and taste native or exotic food in one place. However, there is much more than this to explore and enjoy in this beautiful emirate of the UAE.

For this, Alkhail has contributed to making your touristic adventure more enjoyable by offering the best transport service. We offer tourist van rental services in Abu Dhabi that have all the facilities of the highest quality transport.

We provide you with what we promise to and that’s why we stand out from the crowd where you may not have the same feature or facility. This time also, we assure you that we will provide the finest quality services for your group. Even if you are travelling alone, you can get the same quality of service and travelling experience.

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The Benefits of Travelling with Us

When it comes to road transport, people often prefer to travel by hiring a vehicle rather than driving one. This goes especially for the people living in populous and bustling cities like Abu Dhabi. 

The tourists coming here constantly look for better services to make their trip go smoothly and without any disruption or discomfort. To facilitate them, our tourist van rental services in Abu Dhabi are available with so many benefits.


Whether you are travelling as a native or are coming from a foreign country to travel within Abu Dhabi, a transport service is the best option for you. It is because driving your own vehicle or walking through the roads will make you feel extremely tired and fatigued.

Alkhail’s transport services are affordable and give you the most comfortable ride for your exploratory trip. You might feel an extravagant experience in our affordable ride with no discomfort along the way.

Personal Health

Our tourist van rental services in Abu Dhabi are designed to benefit you in terms of your health. It is because we have vehicles that are sanitized on a regular basis to avoid any health problems. Moreover, we have adopted international safety standards to ensure a hygienic environment for passengers.

Additionally, we have spacious vehicles with wide seats to make you feel relaxed and avoid the typical congestion of public transport.

Another significant feature is that our seats are designed to sit comfortably in an appropriate posture. This prevents you from getting physical fatigue or pain during long journeys.


We use fuel-efficient engines to reduce carbon emissions and the risks posed by these emissions. Our vehicles are so efficient that they reduce the wastage of fuel thereby reserving the resources to a possible extent.

It has long-term benefits such as better air quality, lesser release of harmful gases, and better health.


Spending hours on finding the best transport or on maintaining your own vehicles makes you fed up. Besides, both of these tasks take a lot of your valuable time and can disturb your routine.

To solve this problem, we provide tourist van rental services in Abu Dhabi to make sure that you save time. Our services are quick and are never late which is why our clients trust us and keep coming back.

Tourist Van Rental Terms & Conditions

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