Alkhail is proud to serve you with its Transport Services for Customized Private Tours in Dubai, offered with the finest facilities and at affordable rates. Get our Transport Services for Customized Private Tours in Dubai and let’s create memories together!

In the compelling and scenic beauty of Dubai and the UAE, there is hidden magic that attracts everyone. It cannot be described in words for it’s the most wondrous and unique type of beauty. Packed with monuments, skyscrapers, museums, historical sites, and beaches, every single place is worth a visit.

Moreover, this part of the world bustles with a lot of people and is always active around the year. It gives rise to the need for a better transportation service to explore its magic or to carry out one’s business. For this, Alkhail presents you with its customized private tour transport services in Dubai and the UAE.

You can choose the features and facilities that you want in your ride and can enjoy a flawless journey with Alkhail. The facility of customization enables you to modify the packages or plan your trip by including the facilities that you want. It results in creating a fully customised ride that can take you everywhere within the Emirates.

So enjoy your customized private tours with the best transportation services in Dubai and the UAE.

What are the Different Options Available for Customized Private Tours?

The rental services of Alkhail are designed for specific events. We offer three main rental options which are vans, buses and pickups for your trips or tours.

Transport Services in Dubai

Rent Vans for Customized Private Tours

We have several options available for van rental:

Rent Buses for Customized Private Tours

We have several options available for bus rental:

Rent Pickups for Customized Private Tours

We have several options available for pickup rental:

Who We Are

We are the leading transport company in the UAE and provide you with a variety of services. With extensive experience as a transportation company, we know what travellers want and how to cater to their needs.

Alkhail is the name of trust, dedication, compassion, and safety – that is something we are known by among our clients. We offer plenty of services starting from sightseeing tours to daily commuting services. In providing such a wide range of transport facilities, we always pay attention to quality, safety, and punctuality. It’s just because we consider them our core values.

Alkhail offers a huge fleet of outstanding vehicles providing you with what you look for. You can choose the type of vehicle that you want and can also pick out one suitable package from the range we provide. You will have a number of options regarding seating capacity, facilities, and pricing.

Moreover, if you have trouble finding what suits your needs, you can contact us to get assistance from our team. This can work well for selecting the type of package or service that fits your requirements.

Why Would You Choose Alkhail Transport?

You will want to choose Alkhail because we have:

  • A wide-ranging fleet of AC and non-AC vehicles
  • Different rental packages (daily and monthly)
  • 24/7 customer support service to assist you
  • Availability of hassle-free online booking
  • Regular cleaning and sanitization of all vehicles
  • Huge storage space for your luggage
  • Skilled drivers and hospitable staff
  • Insured vehicles with fuel-efficient engines

Terms & Conditions

If our Transport Services for Customised Private Tours interest you, visit our terms & conditions page.


Our monthly rates start from:

  • 2,500 AED – for van rental
  • 2,800 AED – for pickup rental
  • 4,500 AED – for bus rental

Visit our rental pricing page to get the prices of individual packages and vehicles.

Also, we offer 24/7 customer support service, so, in case of any queries regarding Transport Services for Customized Private Tours, please Contact us. Our team will give you all the details.