Alkhail is proud to serve you with its Transport Services for Fujairah City Tour, offered with the finest facilities and at affordable rates. Get our Transport Services for Fujairah City Tour and let’s create memories together!

Exploring new places can be an exciting experience but at the same time, it is good for your mental and bodily health. You soothe your eyes and senses and interact with the people around you thereby transforming your inner self. 

This way, you also get a great opportunity to take a break from the daily grind. That being said, the place also matters because not every place can capture your attention.

For this, you need to travel to well-known tourist spots to be sure of getting all the pleasure you want. Fujairah is one such place in the UAE where there is a scenic blend of the Hajar Mountains and the Indian Ocean. Also, it is rich in history and heritage which draws more people to look for the remarkable attributes of this place.

We can assist you with your travelling through this beautiful place by offering our high-quality amenities that are tailored to your needs. We are Alkhail which is known for being the leading transit company in the UAE. Our transport services for Fujairah city tour are carefully crafted to give you an unforgettable navigating experience through this city.

Alkhail has a wide-ranging fleet to ensure that you get a variety of travelling experiences and no one misses out. All of our vehicles are regularly maintained to be kept in good condition so that none gets you into trouble along the way.

We also offer a number of packages to provide you with the desirable transport services for Fujairah city tour.

What are the Different Options Available for Transport Services for Fujairah City Tour?

The rental services of Alkhail are designed for specific events. We offer three main rental options which are vans, buses and pickups for your trips or tours.

Rent Vans for the Fujairah City Tour

We have several options available for van rental:

Rent Buses for the Fujairah City Tour

We have several options available for bus rental:

Rent Pickups for the Fujairah City Tour

We have several options available for pickup rental:

Who We Are

We are the leading transport company in the whole of the UAE and provide you with a variety of facilities. With extensive experience as a transportation company, we know what travellers want and how to cater to their needs.

Alkhail is the name of trust, dedication, compassion, and safety – that is something we are known by among our clients. We have a lot to offer you starting from sightseeing tours to daily commuting services. In providing such a wide range of transport facilities, we always pay attention to quality, safety, and punctuality. It’s just because we consider all of them our core values.

Alkhail offers an extensive fleet consisting of buses, vans, coasters, minivans, and pickups. All of them are designed to ensure that they align perfectly well with the client’s requirements.

Why Choose Alkhail Transport?

There is not just one but so many reasons to choose Alkhail Transport.

We have:

  • Well-maintained AC and non-AC vehicles.
  • Various sizes and seating capacities – from minivans to large luxurious buses.
  • Buses, vans, and pickups with daily and monthly rental packages.
  • 24/7 customer support service for the guidance of commuters and travellers.
  • Availability of online booking.
  • Regular cleaning and sanitization of all vehicles.
  • Ample storage space for luggage.
  • Professional drivers and dedicated staff
  • Environment-friendly and insured vehicles

Terms & Conditions

If you are looking to hire our Transport Services for the Fujairah City Tour, spare some time to read our terms & conditions page. 


Our monthly rates start from:

  • 2,500 AED – for van rental
  • 2,800 AED – for pickup rental
  • 4,500 AED – for bus rental

To get more details about the prices of vehicles, visit our rental pricing page before booking.

We offer 24/7 client support service, so, if you have any queries regarding Transport Services for the Fujairah City Tour, please Contact us. Our team will give you all the details.