If you are looking for VIP and Luxury Transfer Transport Services in Dubai, we have a large fleet of vehicles available as a rental option to you. So get VIP and Luxury Transfer Transport Services in Dubai with us at affordable rates.

We provide sophistication and comfort and give your journey an element of elegance with our VIP and luxury transport services in Dubai. We offer you a prestigious fleet of vehicles that will enhance your style and elegance by making your travel across the UAE hold the utmost classiness. We have set an example of giving you the most luxurious experience of travelling within the city and in the other states of the Emirates.

Our VIP and Luxury Transport in Dubai

We go according to a proactive approach that we think is the best way to run a transport service in the competitive environment of the Emirates. We plan beforehand and keep in mind all the reservations that our clients inform us of. Moreover, we try to be prepared for any type of issues or circumstances that one is likely to encounter while travelling on the road. This way, we keep our services reliable and suitable for every distance.

As for luxury, we pay a lot of attention to making our vehicles classy and comfortable. We never compromise on the quality of anything starting from upholstery to the engine and leave no margin of error. You can enjoy and rest in the most luxurious atmosphere with an efficient engine that produces no noise and goes smoothly.

What Does Our Fleet Have For You?

With plush interiors, the best leather, spacious seats, and enough legroom, Alkhail’s VIP and luxury services in Dubai are the most sophisticated travelling solutions. Our top-rated fleet is the most diverse one with everything available to you in one ride. We offer skilled chauffeurs in our luxury services that are perfect for building a classy and elite impression. Our fleet is perfect for corporate events, weddings, and public gatherings.

We elevate your standards and give you the most desirable vehicles with a lot of options that you can choose from. Our professional drivers ensure punctuality, safety, and comfort throughout the journey.

VehicleSeating CapacityFeatures
Hiace Mini Van15 SeatsPerfect for intimate groups, family outings
Coaster30 SeatsAmple space, ideal for medium-sized tourist groups
Rosa34 SeatsExtended comfort and more seating options
Luxury Bus (Small)35 SeatsEnhanced luxury features for a plush experience
Luxury Bus (Large)50 SeatsAccommodates larger groups without compromising comfort
AC Buses (Various sizes)60-84 SeatsCool and comfortable, perfect for the UAE’s warm climate

What Are The Key Attributes of Alkhail?

Our key attributes are the most defining features of our services – they speak of our expertise and professionalism.

We’ll share some of our key attributes here.

  • Comfort and Luxury: We are not offering you an ordinary transport service that can make or break an image, we are catering to your sophisticated needs. We guarantee that you will enjoy comfort while creating a high-class impression within your corporate or social circle.
  • Client-oriented Service: Aligning your journey with your travelling needs is not something that every service provides you with. It’s the key feature of Alkhail that we act according to the client and not solely to generate revenue. Our schedules and services are set according to our client’s preferences and requirements.
  • Professional Chauffeurs: Our skilled chauffeurs give you more than just driving services. It’s because they are fully trained to be punctual, sophisticated, dedicated, courteous, and vigilant. They are also knowledgeable about the complex routes and any major projects that help them find short and alternative routes effortlessly.
  • Reliability: When it comes to security and punctuality, no one can beat us because we pay them a lot of attention. That’s what makes our services reliable and our established clients never inquire a lot before booking because they trust us. However, we encourage our new clients to inquire and know about our services before making bookings.
  • Versatile Services: We proudly call our services “versatile” and that’s just because of our versatile fleet. We have a well-equipped and diverse fleet to give you the most luxurious experience throughout your journey.

Our Premium Vehicle Options

Premium vehicle options can cater to the needs of every customer at an affordable price. We bring luxury but also give special attention to creating cost-effective solutions.

Here are the features of our exceptional fleet curated to provide you with VIP and luxury transport services in Dubai and the UAE.

Luxury buses

Our luxury buses make you a class apart even as we arrive at your location to pick you up. It creates an environment that truly represents comfort, calmness, elegance, and style. When you step into the vehicle, that experience cannot be defined in words because it is a heavenly feeling that you get. It’s because interiors are designed by professionals to make them calm, cosy, relaxing, restful, and energising. They give you the opportunity to prepare for a long day or some hectic activity while allowing you to unwind yourself after spending the day. 

High-end vehicles

Want to enjoy superior transport service with the best models of vehicles? We have what you want. We offer you high-end vehicles that can be best defined as the extravaganza of transportation. Our vehicles are made of high-quality materials whether it’s seating or mechanical parts. This adds an extra flavour of luxury and richness.

You may want to look grand and elegant in style, that’s what we are trying to provide you with offering the best set of vehicles to choose from.

Plan A Luxurious Journey with Alkhail Transport

Dubai is known to be the best place for travelling and even as you land here, you realise that this city demands everything of the finest quality and rich-looking. That’s something unique and interesting about this city and also about the Emirates. That’s why we started off our company to give the superior quality services within this city. We are now offering our services in the whole of the UAE but we keep them in the constant phase of transformation. It’s because we need to make our services align with the ever-evolving elegance and grandeur of this region.

The same goes for our VIP and luxury transport services in Dubai and the UAE. We believe travelling is an art and we elevate this art through our finest quality luxury services.

VIP and Luxury Transport Services Terms & Conditions

Those who want to hire our VIP and luxury transport services should visit the terms & conditions page and thoroughly read them. We reserve the right to change or remove portions of these terms as we update our policies from time to time.

By booking a service you agree to these Terms and the company will not be responsible and the process will not be undone if you fail to read or understand any point and realize it afterwards.

VIP and Luxury Transport Pricing

Visit our rental pricing page before booking any of our VIP and luxury transport services.

You may also visit the Contact Us page to contact our team. Our team will give you all the details about VIP and luxury transport services along with helping you with choosing packages and the booking process. You can also inquire about any information about services.